MH Jones c. 1990

Eddie O'Hara was a W.A. cyclist whose career highlights include winning the gruelling 116 mile Beverley-to-Perth and Midland 100 (mile) race.

Described by his contemporaries as a perfectionist and frame connoisseur, he had this frame built in the early 90’s “to the highest specification possible” (to quote Milton Jones himself).

When Eddie’s son inherited the bike, a surprise in itself given Eddie’s penchant for constantly upgrading his bikes, he was disappointed in being unable to find a buyer for it.  

Resigned to the notion that the MHJones/Capo brand was the problem, he sanded off the decals and soon enough had a buyer asking him to confirm shipping costs to the eastern states. 

Making clear his preference to sell locally, the frame was bought by the WAHCC member in July 2016, the day before seeking the shipping quote.

The bike was repainted in blue again and rebuilt over a 12 month period.

The component choice and mix of MHJones and Capo branding, it was hoped, would increase the awareness of Milton Jones whose bikes carried many State Champions and broke numerous Australian and World Records.

(Milton Jones was a founding member of the WA Historical Cycle Club.)

Groupset - Shimano Dura Ace 74xx 
eat post & stem - Dura Ace ax
Brake calipers - Dura Ace 7700

Rims - Mavic Open 4CD
Bars - Cinelli Giro D'Italia