WAHCC Donation Policy

The Western Australian Historical Cycle Club’s aims, as outlined in its constitution, are in essence the preservation, restoration and riding of historical, interesting or unusual cycling machines. Although typically this means bicycles, we include almost anything propelled by pedals. The club is particularly interested in preserving and displaying West Australian built machines whether they were intended for sporting or everyday use.

To this end the Club welcomes donations of bicycles and parts, tools and ephemera, that may aid our collectors and restorers.

Donated items will be be either added to the club collection or sold to club members at periodic auctions (see below). Monies raised are used to further the aims of the Club. Parts are often bought to complete member’s own projects, or to add to their own collections of memorabilia. Items that do not have historic interest will be directed to appropriate charitable organisations.

Please email us if you have anything that may be of interest. A club member will accept, or arrange collection of, your donation and will provide safe storage while we assess them. The Club will record the details of what is received and issue a receipt for all donations.

Club Auctions

Silent auctions of donations are periodically held at the club meetings. Club members may enter their own items in the auction. For members a fee of either 10% or $50 of the sale price (whichever is the lesser amount) will be levied at the end of the auction.

The auction will be advertised in the Club Newsletter and on the website at least one month prior to the sale date. All items will be listed with a short description, and a photograph where appropriate. Minimum bids may be set committee members or their delegates. Bidders must be financial members of the Club.

If bidding at a silent auction please write your bid on the bidding sheet in pen, not pencil. The sheet will contain a short description of the lot, and columns for member’s names, their contact details, and bid. Each new bid should be about 5% greater than the previous highest one. A five minute warning will be given before the auction is closed.

Members unable to attend the auction may lodge an absentee bid. ‘Absentee’ includes mail, telephone, and email bids. Members lodging an absentee bid should nominate a proxy bidder, and make a separate offer for each and every item they are bidding on. The proxy will be responsible for ensuring bidding instructions are carried out. The club will assist in finding proxy bidders when needed. Please email the club to arrange an absentee bid.

Alternatively absentee bidders may send a maximum bid to the club secretary. Where such an absentee bid is above the last registered bid at the end of the auction, the auctioneer will add 5% to the previous highest bid, or the maximum price if that is below the 5% margin.

Absentee bidders will be notified of a successful bid by phone or email, and the item held for payment and collection.

Settlement for items sold is expected at the conclusion of the auction or shortly thereafter. If payment is not received within two weeks the item will be considered ‘unsold’ and will be entered in the next auction.