Bike in the Valley - Apr 28 2013

A fun family bicycle ride through the Swan Valley starting and finishing at Lilac Hill Park (North Pavilion), West Swan Road, Caversham.

This new event for us turned out to be an outstanding success, with some twenty three members and friends turning up, some in period costume, and with over thirty exhibits. The range of HPVs and children's trikes dated from the mid-1800s to the late 1900s had the huge crowd of interested onlookers enthralled. To my mind it was one of the best events that we have had for years.

There were over 600 entries in the ride, from some riders as young as six years of age to octogenarians, and they came in all shapes and sizes, but they all had a love of cycling. Now it is a given thing that some of our longstanding members always turn up to this sort of event with a big selection of machines and memorabilia, but the Bells, Thompsons, Perrys, Phil Harris, all brought more than their share. It was also very heartening to see some of our newer members coming along with their families. This augers well for the future of the Club.

It was a pleasant surprise also for our members to receive a complimentary ticket for the sausage sizzle. This is the first time I think that that has happened, but I believe when we go out of our way to support these events it makes one realise that they appreciate our efforts.

I had asked for members to support this event, but did not expect such a great effort. Thank you, one and all, it is results like this that makes the organisers day