Arthur Grady Day Display 2016

Club members just enjoyed the best Arthur Grady Day we've done yet! Seven members rocked up with over twenty bikes between them. Alan Hind's trio of Flying Scots attracted a lot of interest, as did Robert Hunt's Raleigh town bike. The Bell's penny farthing, kindly brought along by Andrew Blackmore, fascinates the great unwashed no end.
Heavy overnight showers cleared and presented us with a beautiful cool, sunny day.

Bike Week Exhibition

The WAHCC has been awarded Department of Transport funding to assist us in mounting a month long exhibition of bicycles in the city.

The club is partnering with the fabulous Museum of Perth, the UWA Bike Club (who'll be running a series of lunchtime seminars) and Giro d'Perth.

Bike Week runs from March 12th to 20th 2016. The exhibition will run for a month though; from February 29th to March 27th, details here.