Swansea 50 Mile Race 1931 Season

This panoramic photo below was taken outside the then South Fremantle Post Office on Hampton St (the building is still there and still in use). The angle of the sun puts the time around mid afternoon, so perhaps these are the finishers gathered for a group photo. 

The race was held on Saturday Spetember 6th 1931, the same day as the Northam to Perth and a week before the Beverley to Perth. It was won by L. McGuckin who, according to the article in The West Australian the following Monday, "has not ridden for some years" 

The West Australian, Monday 7 September 1931
Promoted by the Swansea Cycle Agency, under the auspices of the Fremantle Club, the Swansea 50-mile senior and 10-mile junior races held  on Saturday, attracted good fields. The first prize for the senior event was £15, and a cup valued £6/6/. There were 53 starters, and the limit mark 15 minutes, with D. Dwyer,  H. Marshall, and F. Taylor on scratch. After travelling 25 miles, L. McGuckin and C. H. Knight, two of the limit men, were still leading. 
D. Egan and R. Hudson, off 1.45, had overtaken other strong backmarkers. and had gained time from the scratch men. McGuckin who has not ridden for some years, left Knight about seven miles from the finish, and won comfortably.
A big bunch sprinted for second place,  J. Christensen winning from A. K. Hamilton and C. Ryan.
Result: L. McGuckin (15min.), 2.22.4. 3; J. Christensen (8.30), 2.17.10, 2; A. H. Hamilton (7min.), 2.15.40 1-5. 3; C. Ryan (7.30),   2.16.10 2-5. 4. Actual fastest time, D. Egan (1.45), 2.10.52. ;
The junior l6-mile race was contested by 20 riders, A. H. Evans and E. Willy on scratch facing a limit of 3min. 30sec . 
Result: J. Ueckard (2.45). 41.47. 1: S. White (2.4ff). 41.47 2-5. 2; N. Murray (2.45). 41.47 3-5, 3. Actual fastest time, O. Michelsen min.), 41.S.

The image is incredibly detailed, the headbadges of several bikes are readable and the faces of the riders are very clear. Do you recognise anyone? Let us know in the comments. 

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A list of starters publish in The Daily News a few days prior to the race;
Following are the handicaps for the
Swansea 50 mile: H. Marshall, D. Dwyer,F. Taylor, scr.; H. Stock, D. Egan, R.Hudson, 1.45; T. Dunstan, W. Humphries,T. Wooller, 3.0; H. Willey,  B. F. O'Mahoney, A. Hiron, L. Farrelly, 4.0; A. Patman,.G. Power, J. Tuke, H. Dacey,4.30; C. F. Christenson, W. Hall  S. Jones, 5 0; A. Winton, S. Taylor,W. Pender, B. A. Edwards, F. Elliott, 6.0; D. Roberts, H. J. Christenson,    A. R. Hamilton, V. Patman, 7.0; W. Read, D. Wright,F. Worster, J. Noonan, J. Murray,  E. Michelson, C. Ryan, R. Gove,  7.30; W. Huchchinson, H. Lewington,J. Christenson, J. Whologan,  M. T. Arthur, S. Mannelein, 8.30; J. Fowler,E. Willis, O. O'Malley, 10.30; W. Hayes,A. Ellement, O. Prowse, S. France,  W. C. King, 11.0; A. J. Stewart, J. Williams,13.0; C. Howard, W. Beissell,    C. H. Knight, L. M'Guckin, 15.0.
For the  Swansea junior road  race of16 miles handicaps are: — A. H. Evans,E. Willey, scr.; D. Michelson, F. Morris,H. Adams, A. West, 1.0; R. Merrick,  J. Hamilton, J. O'Connell, 1.45; R. Watson,E. Gable, V. Hennerman, 2.30;    N. Murray, E. J. Broomhall, S. White, E.Heaney, T. Clarke, 2.45; J. Johnston,  A. Bretag, 3.30. A. E. White to be handicapped.