Albany Tweed Ride 2014

Fine weather prevailed folks.

Jo Taylor from the City of Albany had this to say about the event,

"All components of the festival contributed to a fabulous atmosphere and the vibe of the festival amongst the patrons was amazing.  A wonderful buzz in one of our oldest historic streets, the perfect location for a grass roots community festival with a great cross section of people attending from young to the elderly!  Fantastic to see so many people wandering through the Vancouver Arts Centre to admire the Great Southern Art Award.  The music and entertainment... WOW!  Food... sensational!  All elements worked really well.

Estimated numbers throughout the day were 3000 to 3500, not bad for a first time festival!  We are all a wee bit chuffed and very much on the post event high."

Here are a couple of photos of the ride courtesy of photographer Lee Griffith.