Guildford Vintage Festival 2014

Fine weather resulted in a large number of the public attending a well organised and interesting Guildford Vintage Festival. Members brought along a good display of bikes. Merv was kept busy providing rides for kids in his billy carts, with their parents taking many photos. There was lots of interest in the large display of bikes and club members were kept on their toes answering questions fired at them. Grant Bell provided demonstration Penny Farthing rides as large crowds were intrigued as to how a rider of these awkward machines mounted and dismounted.

There were displays of vintage cars, machinery as well as many produce and other stalls. Dancing displays and other entertainment were provided.

The Guildford Fair certainly rates high on the list of events the club attends and a good day was had by all.

It was great to have new members Ron and Elaine van Halen come along. Other members in attendance were Merv and Dawn Thompson, Phil Harris, David Clark, Tony Hall, Harold and Judy Perry, David and Anne Northan, Jim and Helen Selkirk and Myrene, Mal and Grant Bell.

Mal Bell