Tomato Lake small wheel ride Feb 24 2013

The weather was perfect, the venue magnificent, but as we drove to the parking it was a bit alarming to find we were the only ones there. It was at least 20 minutes before another car turned up with a couple of small wheeled bikes on the carrier. Then there was a rush of members turning up with every sort of bike imaginable until there were some 20 members with at least forty different machines.

At least an hour was spent inspecting the vast array of bikes with only a couple of 26" plus models present. Then it was time for several laps of the area around the park, the dual use path also having a great turnout of pedestrians and dogs - all well behaved . Those of our members who had not been to this venue before were staggered by the amount of facilities available for both young and old in such a magnificent setting.

Members present were Tony Hall, Harold and Judy Perry, Phil Harris, Merv and Dawn Thompson, Andrew Blackmore, David and Ann Northam, David Clark, Alan Hind, Rob Frith, Karen Phillips and son Orlando, Tim Eastwood, Walter and Helen Edom and Peter Wells. My apologies if I have missed anyone but I was present due to Simon and Angela Hughes and Douglas. Angela is the one responsible for typing and printing of our newsletters. It was suggested that this event become an annual one, and from the response from members I think that is more than likely.

There were too many varieties of bikes to list them all, a truly amazing array.