Armstrong Path Racer c.1904

Armstrong Path Racer

Frame "  -  Frame No. 

Wheels Westwood rims. New Eadie coaster brake rear hub

Chainset Armstrong t chainring

Pedals Lyotard 

Gears single speed

Stem/Bars Nickel plated bars with John Bull handgrips


Saddle Brooks

Probably built by Armstrong Cycles Ltd of Birmingham, with some parts manufactured by other notable Birmingham firms, BSA, Brampton and Tube Investments. 

This bicycle was built as a Path Racer, the ancestor of modern road racing bikes. Path Racers were a hybrid design that allowed racing on both paths (tracks) and roads, many of which were unpaved - the wide tyres allowed for all road surface conditions. A ‘New Eadie’ coaster brake is fitted to the rear wheel for road use. 

While preservation is preferred to restoration, the original condition of this bike was poor enough to warrant some restoration of the metal finishes and replacement of original tyres.